Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 QFEs : Marzo 2011

Sono stati rilasciati i QFEs di Marzo 2011 per Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 e sono scaricabili al seguente indirizzo :

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Monthly Update March 2011

Riporto di seguito i principali fix, come descritto nel file allegato al download :

Component:  COMM

  • 110325_KB2514361 – GetHostByAddr function may return incorrect WINS server name.

Component: Core GWES

  • 110310_KB2507166 – MS Mincho font is not available without the AC3FontCompression technology.
  • 110310_KB2506662 – This update addresses some font issues with ClearType option enabled.

Component: CoreOS

  • 110310_KB2498860 – A hang may occur upon detaching USB devices.

Component: Drivers

  • 110331_KB2519657 – This update addresses an issue with FAL inserting free sectors twice into its internal “free sector list”.

Component: FSD

  • 110318_KB2516401 – Windows Embedded CE 6.0 may not be able to read the CD if it contains invalid volume descriptors for UDFS file system.

Component: FSDMGR

  • 110329_KB2516902 – This update addresses memory leak.

Component: Internet Explorer

  • 110314_KB2492878 – This update addresses an issue in Internet Explorer.
  • 110315_KB2514454 – Internet Explorer may not display a multi-byte character correctly.
  • 110303_KB2475284 – This update addresses an issue with File_Print menu not working correctly.

Component: Kernel

  • 110321_KB2514264 – This update addressess a possible deadlock issue.

Component: MSFlash

  • 110310_KB2504074 – The Transaction Log recovery process in the FlashMDD may not handle bad log blocks correctly. This may result in premature failure of the recovery process.

Component: Pictor

  • 110311_KB2475955 – This update allows OEMs to enable/disable the resolution change.

Component: SOURCE

  • 110331_KBSOURCE – This release installs updated source files.

Component: TCP/IP

  • 110315_KB2509871 – This update addresses an issue with accessing file share when using ethernet card that uses hardware checksums.

Component: TimeSVC

  • 110302_KB2491392 – SetSystemTime may set the system time incorrectly.

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