Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 QFEs : Aprile 2011

Sono stati rilasciati i QFEs di Aprile 2011 per Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 e sono scaricabili al seguente indirizzo :

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Monthly Update April 2011

Riporto di seguito i principali fix, come descritto nel file allegato al download :

Component: Internet Explorer

  • 110405_KB2481555 – This update addresses some Internet Explorer issues.

Component: Kernel

  • 110428_KB2529142 – User mode drivers loaded via LoadDriver are not loaded as non-pageable.
  • 110426_KB2520539 – This update addresses a race condition between UnmapViewOfFile and MapViewOfFile for the named-file mapping object.
  • 110404_KB2521622 – This update addresses an issue in kernel VM implementation specific to ARM processor.

Component: LBCTL

  • 110428_KB2533422 – This update addresses and issue with JScript onClick event not working properly.

Component: Script

  • 110428_KB2527087 – VBScript may not handle InputBox and MsgBox correctly.

Component: UDFS/CDFS

  • 110420_KB2531374 – CD may not play if some file names have Unicode characters.

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