Rilasciato .Net Micro Framework 4.2 RTM (QFE2)

E’ stata rilasciata la versione 4.2 del .Net Micro Framework sviluppata ormai in modalità open source su CodePlex. Tra le novità principali :

  • supporto per il driver WinUSB;
  • Analog Output;
  • supporto per il compilatore GCC nel Porting Kit;
  • miglioramento delle performance del file system;
  • wear leveling per le memorie FLASH;
  • miglioramento performance Microbooter e TouchScreen;

Sono state inoltre risolte tutta una serie di segnalazioni aperte su CodePlex :

– Work Item: 1590 – Decrease boot time
– Work Item: 1636 – File.Exists returns true for unexisting file
– Work Item: 1656 – Problems with bad blocks handling in Wear Leveling Driver
– Work Item: 1701 – StreamReader.cs – IndexOutOfRangeException
– Work Item: 1109 – FAT32 File System issue with filenames
– Work Item: 1721 – VolumeInfo.Format() locks volume.
– Work Item: 1633 – SerialPort.Read’s behaviour is different from .Net
– Work Item: 1580 – Negative array index issue
– Work Item: 1585 – Issue in Microbooter prevents usage in Cortex M3 STM32 port
– Work Item: 1586 – Broken firmware on device reset during Microbooter FW update
– Work Item: 1635 – Substring issue in 4.2 RC4
– Work Item: 1659 – Bug in StringBuilder.Append (thanks to Julius Friedman)
– Work Item: 1672 – Wrong long to hex conversion
– Work Item: 1373 – MDK targets problems

A breve sarà reso disponibile il download.


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