AMQP Essentials : a refcard !


I hope you all already know about DZone web site !

If not I suggest you to take a look for its great content that cover a lot of technology areas from Agile, Database and Web development to Cloud, Big Data and IoT.

The section I love is the DZone Refcardz that could be defined the world’s largest library of technical cheat sheets. There, you can find a bunch of short PDFs file (about 6/8 pages) for starting to study new technologies or to deep into main aspects for some of them. I think they are a great resources for developers and not only.

Few weeks ago I wrote the AMQP Essentials cheat sheet published today that is supposed to be an introduction about the AMQP protocol with all main features and related usage. I tried to give you main information about the architecture, the communication, the flow control and quality of service features to have a lightweight approach to a very good protocol.

I think that it can be a good starting point to study AMQP without be scaried about it as I wrote in my previous blog post “AMQP isn’t so scary … if you know how to start !

I hope you’ll enjoy it !


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