AMQP isn’t so scary … if you know how to start !

One of the first class citizens in the “IoT protocols city” is the AMQP (Advanced Message Queue Protocol) protocol that is so popular even if it seems that there are few good resources to start understanding how it works under the cover (after a few searching on Google and Bing). Of course, for each protocol the most complete resource is the official specification but more […]

AMQP on the wire : messages content framing

After the previous post on the AMQP builtin type system, I’d like to show you a different sample frame strictly related to the sending messages. For starting, I used the SASL mechanisms frame as example to understand the encoding/decoding system just because it’s one of the first exchanged frames in the protocol but every day we use […]

AMQP protocol : the builtin type system by examples

One of the most interesting features of AMQP protocol is the built in type system that provides a way to represent the AMQP values inside a frame starting from primitive types to custom types (based on our application domain) and composite types (containing fields). During this article I’ll try to explain in a simple way […]

Raspberry Pi e Windows Azure Service Bus via AMQP con la libreria Qpid Proton C

Nel corso di questa tutorial vedremo in che modo sia possibile utilizzare la Raspberry Pi come client AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) e collegarla al Windows Azure Service Bus che supporta la versione AMQP 1.0. Ovviamente, la scelta della libreria client da utilizzare è quasi obbligata : Apache Qpid Proton. Tale libreria sviluppata in C […]

Qpid Proton C su una macchina virtuale Ubuntu Server 12.04 in Windows Azure per l’utilizzo del Service Bus con AMQP : creazione, configurazione, compilazione ed uso

Uno dei protocolli maggiormente utilizzati nell’ambito del messaging che può trovare applicazione anche nell’Internet of Things è l’AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol), ormai già standard OASIS da alcuni anni e giunto alla versione 1.0. Il servizio Service Bus offerto da Windows Azure supporta tale protocollo che, essendo standard, garantisce la comunicazione tra client sviluppati su […]

We can have more … EnMasse !

This morning, my working day started in a different way with an interesting news from AWS re:Invent 2017, the annual Amazon conference … The news was about Amazon MQ, a new managed message broker service based on ActiveMQ 5.x with all the goodies that it provides in terms of supported protocols like MQTT, JMS, STOMP, […]

EnMasse and Eclipse Hono ? Messaging and IoT ? I have some events for you !

  Do you want to learn more about the EnMasse project ? Do you want to learn the same for the Eclipse Hono project ? Do you want to know more about their relationship and how they simplify the development and deployment of messaging and IoT solutions ? Well … in the coming weeks my […]