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Hello everyone,

My name is Paolo and I was born in Naples on June 22, 1980 and I graduated in Computer Engineering at the University Federico II in 2006.

My thesis has been developed using Java technologies : the paper provided a comparison of the two main MVC frameworks of the moment for web application development : Struts and Java Server Faces. At the time the ASP.Net MVC was not even among the ideas of Microsoft but then I realized that the technology ASP.Net promised much more … well … between the two litigants, the third enjoys.

I started working as a web developer, using its ASP.Net but I went very early on the desktop development.

My work is my passion, currently tied to software development and especially to the embedded and IoT world both on devices side and cloud side. I have been working as a Senior Software Engineer for an italian company with Microsoft technologies, from the .Net Framework on x86 platform to the .NET Compact Framework on ARM platform, through “native” development on Windows Embedded Compact Edition. Of course the cloud is my second home thanks to my “Internet of Things” knowledge … I constantly move between devices and the cloud … deep into communication protocols and so on. Today I’m Senior Software Engineer in the messaging and IoT team in Red Hat developing a lot of awesome stuff on cloud side in Java, C and C++.

My work requires a lot of flexibility, passing with great potential of managed code to the optimal performance of unmanaged code. All this favors a 360° of the software issues.

My main hobby is reading mountains of books and I love sports in general, practice it and watch it … and of course Naples is my preferred football team !

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