Month: January 2016

AMQP Essentials : a refcard !


I hope you all already know about DZone web site !

If not I suggest you to take a look for its great content that cover a lot of technology areas from Agile, Database and Web development to Cloud, Big Data and IoT.

The section I love is the DZone Refcardz that could be defined the world’s largest library of technical cheat sheets. There, you can find a bunch of short PDFs file (about 6/8 pages) for starting to study new technologies or to deep into main aspects for some of them. I think they are a great resources for developers and not only.

Few weeks ago I wrote the AMQP Essentials cheat sheet published today that is supposed to be an introduction about the AMQP protocol with all main features and related usage. I tried to give you main information about the architecture, the communication, the flow control and quality of service features to have a lightweight approach to a very good protocol.

I think that it can be a good starting point to study AMQP without be scaried about it as I wrote in my previous blog post “AMQP isn’t so scary … if you know how to start !

I hope you’ll enjoy it !

My chat about IoT on TecHeroes show !


On December 2nd I had a session at WPC 2015 in Milan speaking about Microsoft Azure IoT Hub.

During the conference I had a chat with Erica Barone (Microsoft Italia Evangelist) about IoT in general and more specific about the Microsoft offer on Azure with IoT Hub and IoT Suite. The chat was recorded as a new episode of the TecHeroes show published on Channel9.

Today it’s there !

It’s in italian and I’m sorry for all my foreign friends 😦