A lot of fun with … AMQP, Spark, Kafka, EnMasse, MQTT, Vert.x & IoT

When I say to someone that I work for Red Hat they say me “Ah ! Are you working on Linux ?” … No, no, no and … no ! I’m not a Linux guy, I’m not a fan boy but I’m just a daily user ūüôā All people know that Red Hat is THE […]

Designing MQTT over AMQP

Let’s think about what we can consider some weaknesses of the MQTT protocol … it provides native¬†publish/subscribe pattern only; having request/reply is quite cumbersome with “correlation injection” inside topics and payload messages; it doesn’t provide flow control; it doesn’t have metadata information inside messages (i.e. content type); it’s fully broker centric; but there are some […]

Node-RED : AMQP 1.0 support with the RHEA nodes library

I’m very happy to announce that I have just released the first version of a new messaging and IoT library for providing AMQP 1.0 protocol support on Node-RED that is a very interesting tool for wiring Internet of Things. This library is based on the official JavaScript RHEA library which provides AMQP 1.0 support for […]

Routing mechanisms for AMQP protocol

In the previous article, we installed the Qpid Dispatch Router and had a quick overview about the available tools inside the installation package for both router management and monitoring. Now it’s time to start using the router from simple to complex configurations and network topologies with some examples which will involve AMQP senders, receivers and/or […]

Routing AMQP : the Qpid Dispatch Router project

Speaking about the AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) protocol, a lot of people think that it’s only about messaging between clients and brokers. There are a bunch of MOMs (Message Oriented Middleware) which support this protocol to enable clients to send and receive messages so to exchange data each other. We can think about open […]

Azure IoT Hub : get telemetry data using AMQP stack and Azure SB Lite

To complete the last two article series (data from¬†device to cloud, command/feedback from¬†cloud to device) on using AMQP protocol stack to interact with Azure IoT Hub, we need to get telemetry data from the devices. When devices send data through their D2C endpoints, these data flow into the IoT Hub system and are made available […]

Azure IoT Hub : commands and feedback using AMQP .Net Lite

In the previous article, I described how it’s possibile to send telemetry data from a device and receive commands (sending feedback) from the cloud (to¬†the device itself) using AMQP .Net Lite library connecting to the Azure IoT Hub. This approach is useful for some platforms that aren’t supported by the official SDKs¬†like¬†the .Net Micro Framework […]

Connecting to the Azure IoT Hub using an AMQP stack

Accessing to the Azure IoT Hub service is so simple using¬†all the available SDKs that Microsoft provides as open source on GitHub. We can laverage on more different languages for different platforms : from C# for .Net and UWP (Universal Windows Platform) applications to Java, from NodeJS (using JavaScript) to C. In this way, we […]

AMQP isn’t so scary … if you know how to start !

One of the first class¬†citizens in the “IoT protocols city” is the¬†AMQP (Advanced Message Queue Protocol) protocol¬†that is so popular¬†even if it seems that¬†there are few¬†good resources to start understanding how it works under the cover¬†(after¬†a few searching on Google and Bing). Of course, for each protocol¬†the most complete resource¬†is the official specification but more […]